The very first one

Hi everyone,

There was already a previous one and it was to say Hi, let's write my very own first article.

I'm so excited to start A blog. That will be for me a place where I'll share many things in relation with my passion IT (Information Technology) and particularily about programming and stuff linked to it.

Who am I ?

My name is Yoann, I am 25 yo. I'm french and I currently living in Amiens. I am fond of about programming and honestly there is barely no day without writing at least a single line of code but I'm ok with it :).

After my Baccalauréat I took an electronic oriented Engineering Course. Few years later because I always been keen on about IT (since 11yo more or less) I decided to focus myself into Networks and Telecomunications since I already had some programming skills in mind. So I wanted first to complete my knowledges with another part of IT and actualy that was definitely the only 'course' that will stick with me amung the others.

Along all of this I have been and I'm still involved into few web projects Where I'll have the chance to talk about them later.

Currently I am working as a Backend Developer for a fresh new startup in Paris called Pops. I am working on Javascript/TypeScript stack for them shipped on AWS Services. That's pretty much interesting since we are building the stuff from scratch EXCITING.
With our team we are building a boomerang camera like on mobile (currently available on iOS) where you'll soon be able to print your images in motions as holographic cards.
You can check it out there and @Medium

So ok guy ? All of this sounds good but tell me... You are french and you are writting in english on a blog what's the deal?

You may be right my english is by far not as perfect as a native but I know how it could be understandable. I also wanted to spread the word about various things and I think it should interest and target more people if I am writing all that shit down in english.

Why am I doing a blog ?

When I started my engineering studies like 6 years ago I already wanted to start a blog. I don't know why probably by lack of time and MOTIVATION I forgot and never started it.. Then now even if I feel busy I think I can still manage it from time to time and write articles on a regularly basis about things that interest me.

I also think that according to my phylosophy in life. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO DO WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE (OR EVEN EAGER) TO DO. I mean you should not let things happen passively, do not wonder if I might be right OR NOT to make something.

**JUST DO IT** I'm not yet sponsored
Then you'll have no regrets **AT ALL**. That's why today I started my blog (If you are hesitating please do the same) and I hope that will be interesting.

iiAku for what?

iiAku is my nickname. it's come from yakuza, no, no and no I'm not Japanese and of course not a member of any groups.

I got this nickname few years ago and it stayed even in real life friend of mine are calling me iiAku or yaku (yäˈko͞o,ˈyäko͝oˌ).

For the little story it started when few years ago when I was a teen, I was playing a game called America's Army. I was part of a team and we were playing actively on it. I was first called Yakousa for no reasons then it turned into Yaku-Za for some reasons. At that time I don't even knew that Yakuza was all about the Japanese Mafia. Anyway, at the end Yaku stayed and it became my nickname.


Thanks for reading. That was the very first article, looking like an Introduction. The following one is comming soon. Stay tunned.