I realized I was in love with programming

train nb: while commuting between Amiens, Hauts-De-France and Paris, Ile-De-France

Programming has been part of my life since a long time now. I started playing with a computer at the age of 11 years old. At that time there was no internet (at least for my case) but for me computer was making sense. I started playing with Windows and learn so many things. I have basically pretty much no knowledge at all, but I learn while installing/uninstalling video games/software, playing videos game.. Lately, few years after I started coding and I literally fall in love with it.

Programming is huge, for me it works in pair with creativity. As long as you have ideas, you can turn them into reality with programming. It also has almost no boundaries, I love this and that's power of programming.

I mainly learned programming by myself, during my Engineering School Program we did work on Algorithm stuff and some programming. However I know we did not go that far as a more focused Computer Science course would go. Actually ESIEE, is more considered as a General Engineer course (firstly foccused on Electrical Engineering), but I had the chance to emphasis this course during the last 2 years of it on Network and Telecommunications field. Anyway, during 5 years we worked basics of Algorithm. Afterward we started to play a bit with C through queues, lists and trees commonly called data structures. We also learned Java (OOP aspects), have done a module of C# and another one in web programming. Also over the last two year, we work on distributed system issues and graph theory stuff, this is really interesting but I did not master it, I'll do some refresh about it when I'll have time (I'll have the opportunity at least for graph theory with Hackerrank see below). Along all of this when I was in High School I had already started web programming HTML/CSS and PHP, over the 3-4 years I have been deeply interested with JavaScript and especially Node.js.

I made the choice to turn all of my knowledge as part of my life and it's now my job since I do work as a Software Engineer - Backend. We all know that there is a huge market in the programming area, and that if you are looking for a Job, you may think about it. However I knew that programming was a passion for me and it has alway been the case. It always good to work for something you really like. Nevertheless recently out of any business approach I definitely realized that I was completely in love with programming. I did feel this when I accomplished some great stuff with it but it was even more deep across some exercises. Actually because I recently started doing some algorithm exercises on www.hackerrank.com. I choose the Algorithm section, started with quite simple exercises in warmup section. My objective is to complete almost all exercises from each section from easy to hard level. I did complete Warmup so far, and I am currently at Implementation section. It's pretty interesting and it helps you to think in different ways with different approach, in other words you are forced to think out of the box. It's great because, I'm sure you may found uncommon problems sometimes while working and If you are eager to bring a nice solution for it, it's good. So to just let you know, from now I completed like 20 more or less exercises, and I feel so so excited each time I am completing one more with a great solution. It acting like a game but there is rich content making you thought. It brings good mood for me, so for 2 reasons why I am inviting you to practice regularly. First you will improve your algorithm thinking, second you'll have pleasure to do so. Just do not hesitate .