Ghost major update


Over the past few months each time I put in my Todos Ghost core update. Ghost has a fast paced update cycle so you need to update your Ghost on a regularly basis.

Yesterday I just had a look to Ghost website and I notice Ghost jump to a brand new version. Actually Ghost was 0.11.x version now then jump to the real Ghost 1.0.0 version which is a major update.
You can get more information from there:

The only thing I know is that I'll have to make a manual update as usual since I am using a self hosted version of Ghost. Migration steps are there:
Nevertheless I read a great thing about Ghost 1.0.0 is that there is now Ghost CLI.

You can install it like this:
yarn add global ghost-cli

Ghost CLI allows you to install a fresh new version of Ghost or update it easily. This sounds good because it means update of Ghost will be now easily to manage. I definitely appreciate this and I'll update first manually from Ghost 0.x.x to Ghost 1.0.0 and then use Ghost CLI to handle my Ghost installation.