Quick quick, what's going on?


It has been a while.. I took some days off, and I'll be back and more active over the next few days. Honestly I have been exhausted over the past few weeks and I even did not have the time to post a single article during September and October or at least my todo for October. Shame on me ! ahah.
Anyway things went smoothly, lot of things happened, and I managed to deal with my job and sport. I am now doing Badminton on a regularly basis and I love doing this ! It really helps me on a daily basis, it's always a pleasure and great to make such anything else than ONLY going to work.

I am currently having some rest, getting some fresh air, enjoying eating great dishes and having some fun with family.
What's planned? I am at least one article to write. I also would like to update my Ghost version, it's is planned since fews months. Out of this, I have some business matters to deal with such as sending bills/invoice for the accountant, and also integrate, modify or add some features for my existing project, and why not if I'm still motivated and have enough time deal and push a new one (small one), wait and see.