Ghost 1.x+

I did it ! Major update from 0.x version to 1.x+ 1.18.4 version. It has been a while It needed to be updated but I did not want to take my website down to do this so I decided to take my time. Finaly I ran into various issues to do this so I upgraded it from scratch and finally it went well.

This is a major update for Ghost and everything is not yet in place, I'll customize it at ease, but main things are there and articles have been well migrated.

About migration

First of all I was coming from a Scaleway 0.x instance with Ghost run and installed on it by default from Scaleway imageHub. Then it comes that I managed to update it multiple time on latest version, but the 1.x+ version required a fresh install. Yes, you can't directly jump from 0.x to 1.x directly. I followed the nice migration topic from Ghost documentation right there:

However as usual it did not went well...

My "ubuntu" instance had a apt-get lock status error, and I did not managed to fix it.. Basicaly I just make a backup from my www folder, and reinstall a fresh new OS. I started with Debian Stretch but after a while the ghost-cli had some issues, so I try with Ubuntu Zesty same thing it did not worked I ended up using Ubuntu Xenial and that time it worked.

For a quick-quick install overview the only things you need to do are the following things:

  1. Get a fresh install of Ubuntu
  2. Get and install Node.js 6.x version
  3. Install Nginx + Mysql Server (if you want to deal with MySQL rather than SQLite3
  4. From npm install ghost-cli
  5. Install your Ghost Blog from ghost-cli

Even if I had to run it multiple time, the ghost-cli is really well designed and reliable. The great things is that you can now have SSL cert support with Let'sencrypt built in, and will configure everything for you. Indeed I was handling my cert on my own before with certbot.

Anyway, after few hours of 'struggle', my website is again up and running, with Ghost latest version. Images and articles are imported, and it will be a pleasure to write new articles in the next few days.