How to pay in stores with Google Pay on Android


I hope everything is well, since I moved to London I am heavily using the famous combo Revolut + Google Pay. The advantages is that you can pay almost everything with it with no contactless amount limit. It's also a huge thing while you are taking the tube/bus you can pay contactless directly with your credit card, having it in Google Pay does helps. However while setting things up, I faced some issue this is why I'll show you how to set up Google Pay the right way and being sure your payment will not failed.

I have the Xiaomi Mi 9 Android 9 Pie version

Xiaomi Mi 9

Install and use Google Pay

  1. Download Google Pay from the App Store
  2. Add you credit card to it, while scanning the card or manually setting up the digits
  3. Make sure your phone is NFC capable
  4. Double check the Secure element position is set to HCE Wallet
  5. Restart your phone
  6. Pay with Google Pay

Secure Element Position

This is basically what was not properly set when I once started using Google Pay. By default from my Xiaomi Phone, the secure element position was set to Use SIM Wallet. Payment should be emit from this way but in most situation it will be declined/not handled by contactless payment gateway, HCE is the one you need to use. HCE stands for Host Card Emulation, more info here:

You can set HCE Wallet in Android with:
Settings>NFC (More/NFC)>Secure element position and choose Use HCE Wallet

More info here:

Thanks for reading, enjoy ;)