How to backup your old dying/closing filehosting service

Hi everyone,‌‌ I've been using in the past, but the project was abandoned so I slightly move to Cozy Cloud since. Recently they started saying they are going to close down their website and that you should backup/retrieve your data. However as stated it has been a long time their product is not maintained so it's hard to get your data back if you have more than >5GB. The quickest option is select all and download but this will generate a zip of your whole drive but you won't get nice download speed.

The Hubic's way

To do so, hubic is saying to use Cyberduck and everything is stated their:‌

Comment récupérer ses fichiers hubiC ?
Comment récupérer ses fichiers hubiC ?

Basically you get cyberduck and it handle the oauth thingy for you, you get authenticated and you are able to get your data back.‌‌The bad thing is that Cyberduck is available only on Windows and Mac and who knows.. I'm running Linux.

So started to look at Cyberduck's GUI alternative in Linux and haven't find something, however it make me think about rclone and it perfectly fits my needs.‌‌

The rclone's way

  1. You get rclone
  2. Follow the step from their while adding a provider:‌‌
  3. rclone at the end of configuration will open up a tab, you'll have to sign up (feel free to use the forgot password if you no longer have your credentials). At the end of the process you'll get that
OAuth Login Confirmation

4. rclone is setup and ready

rclone ls remote:
List your files
rclone copy remote: /your/destination/path -P
Download the entire remote drive to your destination path with progress

Very convenient and helpful, could be exactly the same with the bunch of service rclone is supporting.